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Star Trek: Voyager ReBoot - Hera Colony

In 2370, the Nebula-Class U.S.S. Hera NCC-62006 was on routine patrol of the Tomed System along the Romulan Neutral Zone, when they were swept into the Delta Quadrant by the displacement. Several crew members were killed in transit and two were abducted by the Caretaker. After attempting to locate them, the Hera had to abandon its rescue attempt due to an overwhelming Kazon force at the Ocampa homeworld. Unable to return to the Array, they headed back towards the Alpha Quadrant.

Two months into their journey, they discovered a natural subspace slipstream and entered it. The slipstream allowed them to travel great distances in a matter of weeks, however it was not as stable as they had originally believed. After travelling through it for six weeks, it destabilised and they were thrown out into normal space on the outer edge of an uninhabited planetary system. The expulsion compromised the integrity of their antimatter containment system; able to jettison the pods before they blew up, the shockwave caused massive damage across the ship and they had to evacuate to the saucer section and separate from the secondary hull. Fortunately there was an L-Class planet in the system and the saucer was able to safely land.

With no warp drive and little provisions, the crew of the Hera were forced to settle on the planet and began to set up a small colony. Alone, on their little world, they began to send out expeditionary parties to scout out nearby systems. It wasn’t long before they began trading with other races and established friendly relations with several of them. As the colony slowly grew, many settled into their new lives, but there were others onboard who longed to return to their lives in space. In 2375, the U.S.S. Voyager (still finishing up repairs from their encounter with the Krenim Imperium during the Year of Hell) located Hera Colony and established contact.

After several days working together to finish off repairs, upgrading systems and exchanging supplies, the two crews came to understand that there was no way Voyager could accommodate the entire population of Hera Colony. Captain La Forge offered Captain Riker several members of her crew, the most eager to return to their careers or who would be of greater benefit onboard a starship, so as to help sure up the staff shortages onboard Voyager. Before departing the colony, once again heading for home, Riker promised La Forge that when they get to Earth, they would return for the rest of the Hera’s crew.

The Senior Staff of Hera Colony:
Captain Silva LaForge – A long-serving, decorated and greatly respected officer. She has managed to have an impressive career whilst also having a family (her son, Geordi, was a classmate of William Riker). Though Hera Colony is no substitute for being back in the Alpha Quadrant, she has tried to make it a safe place for her crew and their families.
Commander Veron – LaForge’s trusted, strong and logical right-hand. They have served together for several years and have formed a solid working relationship. Though dedicated to the Vulcan philosophy of logic above emotion, since the colony was formed he has found himself developing strong feelings for someone onboard.
Commander T’Peren – Almost two centuries old, she is wise and highly intelligent. A brilliant scientist of great renown across the Federation, she is now putting her mind and expertise to use examining and studying their new planet and its surroundings in close detail.
Lt. Commander Elizabeth Shelby – Ambitious, strong-willed and feisty, she was the former Beta Shift Watch Officer, but when the colony was established she was put in charge of the expeditionary teams being sent out to neighbouring systems. Of all the crew, she is the one who wants to resume her career the most.
Lt. Commander Bryce McMillan – Healer and researcher in equal measures, his career has been impressive, so much so that he was used as the template for the Emergency Medical Hologram. With great compassion for others, he sees his duties as a doctor as being of greater significance than anything else.
Lieutenant Aaron Dane – In charge of security, he is as focused, serious and no-nonsense as any other Security Chief when on duty. Off-duty however he is the opposite, open, friendly, warm and jovial. Whilst his career is important to him, he has always fancied himself as a bit of an adventurer, so the chance to settle and tame a new world appeals to him.
Lieutenant Kara Munro – The former Chief Engineering Officer, she was brand new to the Hera when the ship was pulled into the Delta Quadrant, as such she doesn’t share some the bonds as her shipmates do. She sees herself as an engineer without an engine, reduced to little more than odd-job woman, running maintenance on what systems are left.
Lieutenant Miloi Ryzon – Though it may seem odd to have a Counsellor on a ship with a mostly Vulcan crew, he has proven invaluable in helping many to adjust to their new lives. His skill with diplomacy and languages has also been useful in establishing peaceful links with other races.
Lieutenant JG Kavis – Appointed Operations Manager after his predecessor was killed in transit to the Delta Quadrant. He is one of several onboard to achieve Kolinahr, as such he is more detached and logical than the average Vulcan. A very efficient, pragmatic and straight-forward officer, he has proven to be very adaptable to their situation.
Ensign T’Lei – The ship’s first Conn Officer was one of those taken by the Caretaker, after which she assumed his duties. Bright and quick-thinking, she is however young and inexperienced. An adept pilot, she has moved from her post on the Bridge to being in charge of all the shuttlecraft onboard, not a move she had expected, but one she is trying to make the most of.
Commander Austin Harris, First Officer, Deep Space Nine (by FltCpt. Bossco)
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