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Re: Plagues of Night and Raise the Dawn conclusion of the first TP a

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But you're still talking about a different issue from what I meant in the statement that you quoted. I thought (incorrectly, it seems) that RonG had the mistaken impression that the creation of the Pact concept was dictated by marketing considerations, and I was clarifying that it was conceived for creative reasons and the marketing choices came later. After all, the first Typhon Pact book, A Singular Destiny, came out 21 months before the first book with a Typhon Pact label. So all I'm saying is that the creation of the story concept preceded the creation of the brand. (And it seems to me that people sometimes forget the key role ASD played in the Pact narrative because it doesn't have the label on it. I've seen a number of posters call Zero Sum Game the first Pact novel, overlooking ASD altogether.)
ASD is very much the start of what I think of as the first arc of the TP/ Post-Destiny "era" - In my OP, I mentioned that I personally (and some - like Christopher - may disagree with that particular point) see ASD as the starting point of 3 distinct arcs, the main one centered on the rise of the TP and the battle for Slipstream, against the backdrop of the post-Borg invasion recovery.

With that in mind, and regardless of the initial intention of TPTB, I also group (in my personal continuity) ASD, Losing the Peace and Indistinguishable from Magic, as parts of this arc, the rationale for which has been detailed in my OP.

Notice that none of these novels have the Typhon Pact branding. In addition, though it *does* have the TP branding, I don't consider StF as part of this arc, but rather a part of the Titan's overall arc and specifically the post-Destiny adventures - to be continued in Fallen Gods.

Whether Brinkmanship can be considered a part of the first arc, the start of the second, or something else entirely (like connecting to David Mack's upcoming trilogy?), remains, of course, to be seen.
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