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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Well, again, if most of the Batman books are good as they are, why bother doing a hard reset, even if it is to fit Tim in, somewhere. The problem is not in needing to do a hard reset, the problem is saying that Bruce got his start as Batman five years ago. Even if they did a hard reset, either they'd have to say he had 4 Robins in 5 years or they'd have to slowly reintroduce each Robin when the time was right, so that by 2031 we'd have all four Robins.

The other problem is, that Batman's origin is a simple one that doesn't necessarily benefit from tweaks. Superman's origin, yes, you have to decide on what Krypton was like, how Ma and Pa Kent came across baby Kal-El, when/how they died, how Clark came to Metropolis and got his job at the Daily Planet, etc.

With Batman, yeah you could tweak his "tour around the world" and there's the question of "does he know who killed his parents," but aside from that, it's only minor things that are changed with each origin.

There's also the fact that in the 25 years between the Man of Steel and Flashpoint Superman's origin had been told 3 times (Mos, Birthright, and Secret Origin) not mention one "fake out" (The "Return to Krytpon" storyline in 2000), minor tweaks between Infinite Crisis and Secret Origin, and the eventual New-52 origin.

Contrast that with Batman, who got what most consider the epitome of a good origin in Batman: Year One that still serves as the origin of choice, again, with minor tweaks which don't change Miller's story (does Bruce know about Joe Chill or not, what did Bruce do in his time away from Gotham, etc.).

I just don't see messing with an established, cherished origin story just to shoehorn Tim Drake into a 5 year timeline.

And again, I agree with you that the 5 year timeline is a problem. I just don't agree the solution would have been to do a hard reboot on the Batman franchise.
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