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Agent Richard07
Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

Like last season's premiere, it didn't feel as if a lot happened. Maybe it's just high expectations though. I liked what I saw anyway. We're off to a good start.

- I was wondering how Walt would get Mike to work for him and what went down here works for me. They were pretty quick getting to eachother in the desert though. Gus just died, and Mike was still recovering then suddenly he's having a meeting with Walt and Jesse?

- I thought of the magnet bit before Jesse brought it up. Would something like that actually work? Seemed a bit far fetched.

- What did they find when they were looking at the picture while salvaging what was in the evidence room?

- I was a bit busy during the teaser and didn't catch everyting. What happened exactly? Looked like something that'll happen somewhere down the line.

- I thought Saul was about to skip town at the end of last season. Maybe I'm not remembering something correctly.

- Walt is starting to get cocky.
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