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Re: Urban outs the villain. Maybe.

People get all excited at the idea of Gary Seven or Gary Mitchell, but when they hear "Khan" they yelp "remake."

That makes no fucking sense.

Khan is a genuine character, thanks both to Montalban and to a narrative which established a long history for him prior to meeting Kirk and company and a life on-screen that went on to encompass fifteen or twenty years.

Mitchell is a one-off, with no significance or life other than servicing the demands of a very specific plot; you either tell the story of How Gary Became God or you get the fuck out. Seven is even less than that, a cardboard set-up for a TV series no one was interested in (not even to the extent of being willing to fund a stand-alone pilot).

There hasn't been a detail released - granted, there haven't been many, period - suggesting that this movie is a remake of anything.
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