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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

I only read a couple of chapters of The Peacekeepers (mentioned above) before surrendering to sleep (guess I was more tired than I thought), but so far it's been fun. Having read up on it before this re-read I went in knowing that the novel was written prior to TNG even airing, and so made a particular effort to notice inconsistencies with what we later learn about the crew and the technology. And there are some inconsistencies to be sure, but they're actually rather fun, it's like you're watching someone speculate and extrapolate based on just Farpoint - and actually getting it right most of the time and almost right at other times (like "transporter circles" rather than "transporter pads"), making for a funny sort of alternate dimension vibe. However characters are drawn quite well and accurately.

Other than this aspect, I once again find myself liking what I liked about it during my first read all those years ago - it's a very methodical sort of story about the Enterprise encountering a strange vessel/complex in space and going about finding out what its purpose is and how it works. Classic scifi, the kind you don't see all that often anymore in current day TrekLit (this isn't meant to be a lamentation since I like the space opera-y stuff a lot as well, but some straight exploration is nice from time to time).
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