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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

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I used to clean offices at a cheese factory. My employer was an outside contractor. We all had to sign confidentiality agreements. That we would not reveal intellectual property we heard or saw to outsiders.That was actuallyl more limiting than than this situation. They eventually are allowed to reveal what they saw. This is common and no big deal.
LOL, am I seriously the only one who sees the difference between reviewing a finished product and releasing internal information?
Actually, at this point, the story and contents of The Dark Knight Rises would be considered internal information for WB. Until a movie is released the only people that are supposed to know what exactly happens in it are the studio and the handful of people they allow to see it, or know the story. So if you reveal information about the movie before it's released, you would be releasing privileged internal information from the studio.
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Violating their independence, LOL, that's absurd. They are not told what they have to write, they are free to BBQ the movie in the most scathing terms if they want to.
No they aren't free to write what they want. They are specifically instructed to omit certain items. Your misunderstanding is equivalent to saying that government censorship isn't a violation of free speech if they just require that the articles omit any mention of certain facts.
Actually they are free to write whatever they want. If they want to they can rip the movie to shreds, they just aren't allowed to publish the review, good or bad, until the studio says so.
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