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Re: The Legend of Korra - Book Two: Spirits

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Korra's outfits don't look all that different from what she already has.
I only see one outfit shown for Korra. And yeah, it's a refinement of her look rather than a replacement. It's pretty much the same from the waist down, but the top is new, a richer blue with more of a Mandarin design -- which in this universe I suppose would be an Earth Kingdom influence, so it shows her adopting a more multicultural look as befits someone who's been in Republic City for a while. Also the discrete armbands are replaced by the longer glove thingies that cover all her arms except the shoulders and fingers.

I like the darker blue; I think it brings out her eyes.

I liked seeing her in the more modern civilian clothing from Book One and I wouldn't mind it if she adopted that style at some point.
I really liked the outfit she wore to Tarrlok's ball in "The Voice in the Night," but that's too formal for everyday wear. And I really did like the hat she wore in "The Revelation." I hope she kept that hat.

This page on the Avatar Wiki identifies some of the character images, and includes several more, including a new outfit for Bolin. The guy in purple who looks kind of like Tarrlok is identified as Unarock or Unolok, and is Korra's uncle. The "androgynous, creepy twins" are his son and daughter. The big shirtless guy with the beard is a young version of Korra's father Tonraq, who also appears in adult form in the subsequent image on the io9 page; I guess that means we'll be seeing flashbacks. The woman in the next two shots is Korra's mother Senna in two different outfits. The kindly-looking gray-haired woman with the crescent-moon necklace is Kya, Aang and Katara's daughter. The dandy with the Errol Flynn moustache and the fancy outfits is called Verick and is "a captain [of] industry residing in the Southern Water Tribe and a friend of Bolin's."

Oh, that page has videos too, but I don't have time to watch them yet.
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