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Re: General Music Thread

Annette is good within the greatness that is Nightwish. I preferred Tarja a great deal more. Tarja's voice was a far better fit for that style of music.

As far as death metal, when I first heard that type of thing around 1991, I flat out hated it. I think it was Vader and one or two other groups.
The screaming and really bad musicianship turned me off that style for a long time.

For me to listen to it now, it has to have some good points. Like I said, Moonspell has good musicianship. I like Scar Symmetry, Fear Factory, a few others.

I have to be in a darker mood than normal to really enjoy black/death/doom metal though. So, a "special occasion" kind of thing.

Draconian is another good example of listenable doom metal, with an added female vocal (at least on this track).
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