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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I hate the new costume. Looks like fish scales. Would work better for Aquaman, but they'd probably just put him in a speedo and call it good.

Seriously, can we just stop with the goofy textured costume crap?
Agreed. It's the very familiar "me too-ism" all over again. Something works for someone and they all think it can work for anything.
I actually like the suit and the chainmail-like texture. I love that there is a sense of regality in the weight of the cape. My only beef is that the suit needs a bit of red in the middle to break up the blue, which is what the old school underoo's did for the costume for the past 70 years. Either a patch of red along the Apollo's Belt or a belt made of red, much like the new-52 outfit (which I don't like as much).
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