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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Abrams simply shaped Star Trek to the medium - the big budget summer popcorn flick that must have global appeal. That means zap-pow-bang and not a lot of time left over for such quaint elements as character development and dialogue. He did as much of the latter as he dared, while still ensuring that the movie would be a solid success, in the top ten for 2009.
I think the characterizations were the movie's strongest point. Abrams is good at keeping the focus on character even during the zap-pow-bang.

And that helped Star Trek in exactly the way it needed - in the business realm. After Abrams' success, the franchise was no longer some old fuddy duddy crap nobody cares about anymore. Instead, it became a shining success, something to take seriously, and that's the one essential thing needed to get it back on TV. Not the only thing, but without Abrams, getting it back on TV would be far less likely.
Yes. If anything, the new movie was closer to the spirit of TOS than the sequels have mostly been. TNG and the rest built this reputation for ST as the conservative, old-guard sci-fi franchise, the "fuddy duddy" stuff as you say -- but TOS was extremely modern and cutting-edge for its day, taking the storytelling and visual language of the serious, adult TV dramas of the era and applying it to science fiction. Abrams made ST modern again in a way it hasn't been for decades, and you're right that that's what it needs to be relevant again.
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