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Re: SpaceX is a go for April 30th: 1st commercial launch to space stat

CCDev is complimentary to SLS in that NASA doesn't have to build Ares I, nor accept ULAs EELVs that are going up in price. And to say we don't have a spaceship to launch to launch on it isn't true because Orion is already largely built and a flyby looks to happen.

"Rocket size has been stagnant because there is no demand for HLVs in the 70 ton class." There was also no demand for R-7. That LV was bigger than 'needed. Korolyov could easily have waited for warheads to be shrunk down. But his answer wasn't to shrink the payload--but make the rocket bigger. The Gov't was behind him even before larger launchers came into their own as satellite launchers. Reusability? That I fear is what may make Musk broke.

Now a more squat Phil Bono design--more similar to what Bezos is looking at--might be better than landing a tall telephone pole on its tail as is to be done with Falcon.

The big reason I want Space X and Dream Chaser to work together is to keep them out of that ULA culture. Frankly Dream Chaser would have a better ride on Falcon Heavy and might evolve into an even more capable version. Muskfocus stays on the rocket, Dream Chaser on their lifting body.

I want Bezos to have some money too. I wonder if he might try to go to Brunei, Dubai or Qatar where folks have more money than they know what to do with--but ITAR restrictions and all would spook many.
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