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Re: Third Cutter Squadron: Talarian Incursion

Really loving this Bry. I love the fact we are getting lots of different crews/perspectives on the Talarian incursion and yet our beloved Silverfin is also in the mix of the narrative and hopefully before all things pan out get to become a bulwark in the fight. Liking the new crews we are getting the fleeting glimpses of and the gut punch of the opener was the all too brief appearance of the Cyclops.

You've given yourself quite a challenge here but already I like the style and the different approaches to the various combats to date. Kinda like teasing us, whetting our appetites for the big finish (involving the Silverfin?) but also the different kind of combats seen to date. As Darkush said, the build up in the Peregrine piece was well written, nicely judged tension, and one could imagine filling in the blanks and the survivor's guilt for the XO and evac party. Good stuff. Looking forward to more.
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