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Re: Plagues of Night and Raise the Dawn conclusion of the first TP a

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I'll admit I have something of an axe to grind here. We keep being told by you and other authors that the Typhon Pact books aren't meant to be what they're packaged as. But... well, that's how they're packaged. I think it's perfectly fair that they should be judged as what they're presenting themselves as: a coherent narrative unit.
And I wouldn't be surprised (though I'm just speculating here) if that was part of the reason why the duology was more interconnected than the first set of books -- because it's a better fit for what the readers are expecting based on the presentation.

But you're still talking about a different issue from what I meant in the statement that you quoted. I thought (incorrectly, it seems) that RonG had the mistaken impression that the creation of the Pact concept was dictated by marketing considerations, and I was clarifying that it was conceived for creative reasons and the marketing choices came later. After all, the first Typhon Pact book, A Singular Destiny, came out 21 months before the first book with a Typhon Pact label. So all I'm saying is that the creation of the story concept preceded the creation of the brand. (And it seems to me that people sometimes forget the key role ASD played in the Pact narrative because it doesn't have the label on it. I've seen a number of posters call Zero Sum Game the first Pact novel, overlooking ASD altogether.)
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