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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

46. Kill Bill vol.1: A-
47. Kill Bill vol.2: B
48. The Amazing Spider-man: B-
49. Virgin Territory: C-
50. 21 Jump Street: B+

My friend and her fiancee just moved into their new house. He went out of town and she didn't want to be alone on a Sat night so me and another girlfriend went to keep her company.
She wanted to watch this. She knew I was hesitant about it, I just don't like Jonah Hill overall. Tatum doesn't lite my fire either as being good.

Dammit though if I'm not big enough to say my opinion based on the trailers and it not being at all "my 21 JS" didn't still allow for this to be way better than it had any right to be. I enjoyed it, I did and I did peg the Johnny Depp cameo before it was revealed.

I still as a rule wouldn't rush to pay theater price for it but it is a solid $1 RedBox rental. She got it from OnDemand though, not sure what she paid for that.
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