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Re: Marvel planning Guardians of the Galaxy movie!

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Concept art

If I'm "Joe Regular" and see this art I'm not instantly interested.
A response to ones friend could go like this.
"Is that a, a..raccoon? What's that in the back..that's not a tree is it?"
You're right, they shouldn't bother. They should just bring out an Adam Sandler comedy or Jennifer Anniston rom-com instead. Sod taking a chance every now and then.
Easy there. Just pointing out that compared to very real, if hyper-realized, world the MCU has created even by including demi-gods and aliens a talking raccoon is a whole other leap entirely. Gambles are good, all of Phase One was essentially that. At some point hedging bets is also good.
I do envision an uneven amount of people who would go WTF? versus "seems interesting".
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