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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Of course I know all that. I've been watching Trek since 1969.

It doesn't matter whether people like any particular incarnation of Trek, it is all a connected body of work. The first two movies sequelize specific characters from the series, McCoy appears in the first episode of TNG and Kirk is referenced in the second or third, Picard and O'Brien cross over to DS9, various characters cross over to VOY and the Defiant crosses over to ENT, just to make the more obvious examples. It's all one big body of work.

Questions of quality aside, and despite the alleged presence of "our" Spock, nuTrek is a complete reboot with most of the characters' personalities re-imagined (Chekov isn't even the same age), the Federation re-imagined as crippled and post-Apocalyptic (and apparently millions of missing Vulcans, although I'm sure that's just the stupidity of the writers), and the format changed from the Human adventure to a sequence of explosions.

So, no, it's a completely different concept that simply recycles the names and terminology of the original, but none of the continuity or substance.
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