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Re: TP: Zero Sum Game by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I also didn't like the fact after spending so many novels and trouble of establishing the Imperial Romulan State, which was definitely sympathetic to the Federation at the very least as an enabler, was effectively handwaved away and fell victim to a push of the reset button. This was a fairly blatant move just to make the Romulans a credible power and threat again.
I think it's just that the change in personnel at Pocket led to a change in direction. Marco and Keith had a story direction in mind involving the Romulan schism and the IRS, but once the TP novels came along, Margaret Clark was in charge of developing them and Keith wasn't involved, and I guess Margaret and DRGIII decided they were more interested in seeing a united Romulan Star Empire -- perhaps so that the Pact would have a clear dominant member that was familiar to the audience, or perhaps in order to clear the board for the 2387 events revealed by the Abrams movie. Given the way Romulan affairs have turned out in Plagues of Night/Raise the Dawn, I really don't think making the Romulans a bigger "threat" had anything to do with it.
One reason the IRS may have been folded back into the RSE was that the situation was just too unstable. An armed conflict between the two Romulan states, fought over whose vision of Romulan civilization's future would take priority, might have been both inevitable and likely to drag in the two Romulan states' allies. Inasmuch as the post-Destiny books have been focusing on the avoidance of armed conflict, avoiding a scenario that made the likelihood of a hot war that much greater might have been a good idea.
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