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Re: Urban outs the villain. Maybe.

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Wait a minute...

You have a problem with them using Khan who we haven't seen on screen in thirty years, but have no problems with Klingons and Romulans being in it? Those two have been used over and over and over again in the last forty-five years.

I really don't understand...
Khan - a specific character

Klingons - species / culture
Romulans - species / culture

both potential sources of countless diverse characters.

Nero and his gang were like no Rommies we've ever seen before. General Chang was very much unique too.
But we've seen a shit-ton of Klingons and Romulans over the years. So much so they've really began to blend together. Nero and his gang were like no Romulans we've ever seen because they didn't act like anything other than a gang of thugs that you can find on street corners in any American city.
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