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Re: All about T'Pol

I find it interesting that we all assume that T'Pol has a pleasant scent about her.
To me that is only logical as T'Pol told Trip that Vulcans do appreciate beauty.

Captain Rob wrote: View Post
I have a shampoo that sort of smells like bubblegum. Maybe she smells like that. Her hair should smell like bubblegum and her skin should smell like Victoria's Secret Angel lotion. Great stuff for massages.
DAYoung wrote: View Post
After encountering, after a space-time rift, this man...

...T'Pol smells of lilac.

I AM Surak
: I agree, it does seem only logical that T'pol would prefer to have a pleasant scent about her, moreover a scent of something natural, like flowers. We seem to be on the same page in general regarding T'pol. Seriously do you have a collections of T'pol images somewhere? I'm suffering from a shortage myself lol.

Captain Rob: Bubble gum eh? ( I have a conditioner that makes my hair smell like coconut and almonds, the ladies love it.) I'm curious, why do you think her hair smells of bubble gum? What does this Angel lotion smell like?

DAYoung: I like the lilac idea, but your post confused me?
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