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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Christopher wrote: View Post
Temis is right -- no matter how obsessive some fans get about continuity and consistent reality (and I'm one of those fans myself to a degree), Star Trek is ultimately a work of fiction, a creation of writers and artists, and it does indeed transform itself under different creators and for different formats and audiences. We like to pretend all the Trek series to date fit into a uniform continuity (and some of us always denounce the latest variation as too great a departure from that continuity), but that's a myth, an illusion resulting from familiarity.
No, up until the Abrams re-mess, Trek was one expanding body of work. There were the inevitable inconsistencies and a variety of approaches, some of which worked and some of which didn't, but it was still one big story with a fairly consistent philosophy. Even in the latter days of boring gray uniforms and starships, they still managed to tell Trek-style stories. It is still possible, especially since the TV and movies are under the control of different people, to continue the real Star Trek and gear it toward adults.

Kegg wrote: View Post
Didn't Stargate have brief nudity in the pilot or something?
Yeah, but they wimped out in the "Director's Cut."

But yeah, Showtime currently follows the HBO-style model of programs with morally ambiguous characters with varying degrees of swearing sex and violence. Examples include Dexter (protagonist is a serial killer), Homeland (bi-polar, paranoid CIA operative), and The Borgias (notoriously corrupt pope).
Well, that's no good for Trek. Nudity would be okay, because, as Christopher said, TOS was an envelope-pusher in its day. But I want to see a "Mature" Trek, not a "Rated M for Mature" nuTrek.

There is obviously a benefit to cable though in that higher budget series can survive with much smaller audiences. This would allow Star Trek, which has bordered on niche, near-cancellation TV in the past, to hypothetically survive there... probably with a setup not that different to what Syfy's done int he past, honestly.
That's exactly what I'm thinking. A real Star Trek show would be popular enough to give a cable channel its best ratings ever. If Walking Dead can do it, Star Trek can do it.

Temis the Vorta wrote: View Post
Star Trek could be back on TV in a form that's faithful to how it's always been on TV (maybe a compromise between the varying approaches of all the series). That would be valid as fiction, why not?
That's what I'm talkin' 'bout. All you need is people with talent and artistic integrity.
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