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Lots of Power Rangers new coming out this week

-Toys such as a collectors version of the MMPR morpher
"Collectors version"... I assume that means better quality than the original?
ETA: Just looked at some pics. Looks good.

Speaking of toys, Bandai's PR Comic-Con Exclusive is a set of all 6 Samurai rangers in full Super Samurai getup, with the Megazord cockpit stands. Pretty sweet, if you're into Samurai. Linky

-The second season of "Megaforce" using Gokaiger footage for 20 episodes

Just Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy alone make the panel awesome. Plus you gotta give major props to Walter Jones for doing these conventions despite not having a significant role on the show in 18 years (I feel really old now), or any at all in the past 10.
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