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Re: Iron Man 3 Discussion/Photos/ETC.

Just read the IM3 liveblog, and they described some footage. I don't know about reposting abut it here, since people were getting kicked out of the panel for recording it.

* It is Offical Sir Ben Kingsley is THE MANDARIN!

* John Favreau is giving tips and advice.

*While discussion Ben Kingsley's Mandarin "Shane says, "This guy is...The Mandarin".

* Rebecca Hall is Maya Hanson.

*Guy Pierce officially announced. Nothing about who he is.

*"Happy Hogan is so off the chain, says RDJ. It's like Swingers at 40."

*"Jon says now he gets to have fun. He gets to enjoy things without having the directorial responsibilities. He's also Executive Producer on the film. He's a proud grandfather who gets to play with the baby without changing the diapers."

*RDJ thinks Demon in a Bottle is a good concept, but doesn't have enough plot of for a movie.

*More footage.
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