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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I hate to admit it, but as a fan of SR I have to say Snyder and Nolan seem to be exploring the alienation theme in a MUCH more interesting and compelling way than Singer did.

Singer talked a lot about that idea beforehand, but his actual movie only touched lightly on the subject, and you pretty much had to read between the lines to see anything more.

But in this teaser Superman already comes across as MUCH more real and human. I know not everyone loves that concept or wants to see him that way, but I for one hope this movie finally does the idea justice.
Good point here. I cannot wait to see this trailer in much higher quality when TDKR comes out next week.

I have to be honest: when it was revealed the villain was Zod again, I was a bit underwhelmed. But it certainly looks like a fresh big screen take on my favorite superhero.

Next summer will be a fun one to say the least.
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