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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

I very much doubt there wasn't any coordination between DC and Miles/Giles/Peterson/Kelly over the years Allyn. Perhaps not enough to interfere, but surely there was occasional discussion. How else do you explain the Bat-Embargo?

Stephanie may not be a iconic character, but that is a lame explanation for not using her. She is an extremely popular/cultish character and by dicking around her fans like this for so long they risk alienating potential customers/readers who will be turned off and not read. "Smallville" has nothing to do with The New 52. It is a continuation of the series canon. I understand wanting to promote your characters within your universe, but this is an entirely different reality that has nothing to do whatsoever with the 52'Verse. I would understand Didio's stance if this book took place within the New 52 Verse but it doesn't.

I'm a Barbara Gordon fan. I love her...but this continued bizarre treatment of Stephanie Brown is just illogical. What is the point of even doing this comic if you're just going to not let Miller use the characters he wants to finish the story? I guess I was wrong when I answered JD's question earlier that there seems to be no problem with the use of various characters.
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