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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

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Well, at least they're not demanding embargos for the first weekend, or the first week. But, who knows, maybe in ten years we're there.
No, doing so would be ridiculous, they have the embargo to prevent prerelease spoilers and information from possibly damaging the opening weekend's numbers.

It's another example of companies trying to cope with the Internet age in silly ways.
Companies have had embargoes on product reviews for decades, long, long before the internet.

Eh, I'm pretty sure Hitler enforced review embargos on Leni Riefenstahl films. So don't try to gloss over, sugarcoat and relativize my tongue in cheek and clearly exaggerated comparison.
It's an absurd comparison because what Hitler did -as ruler of a body of people and a population- in order to control the flow of information and how it was presented is a very, very different than Warner Brothers telling The New York Times, "Hey, do you mind waiting until Friday of the release date to put up a review of our movie? We don't want too much information out too soon, okay?"

Jesus, there's mountains out of molehills then there's making Olympus Mons out of molehills.
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