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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

I've been thinking about this Stephanie Brown thing, now that Didio has come out and confirmed that, yes, Stephanie Brown was going to be in Smallville, but no, she now won't be in Smallville because she's not iconic and "if we're going to introduce guest characters into the Smallville universe, we want to introduce the most recognizable characters."

This comment at DC Women Kicking Ass expresses a common viewpoint:
I can't wrap my head around this at all. Smallville took a shit ton of liberties with the DC canon. They had Mia Dearden and no Roy and Bart Allen and Cyborg as founding members of the Justice League (or proto-League or whatever). How are you NOW gonna suddenly pull some bullshit about how it needs to be the most iconic, recognizable characters?
Yes, that's true. The television series ran off in its own direction, and Hollywood did whatever it wanted with DC Comics' characters.

The comic book, however, is something DC Comics is producing in-house. DC brass had little, if any, control over what the Smallville producers did. Now, the DC brass are the Smallville producers. And just because the old production team ran off in their own direction with Smallville, it doesn't mean that DC Comics has to.

I completely understand Didio's viewpoint. DC Comics is a year into the New 52 and they're making an effort at cementing the idea of Barbara Gordon as a walking-and-kicking crimefighter in the minds of readers. (Heck, even Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's Batman: Earth One ends with a young adult Barbara designing a Batgirl costume.) DC, as a publisher, is investing time and energy in Barbara Gordon, ass-kicker. Using her in Smallville will help reinforce that.

Yes, Stephanie Brown is the kind of move that the Smallville television producers would have made. But Barbara Gordon is the move that benefits Smallville's new producers, DC Comics, the most.
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