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Re: Jessica Nigri: Babe of the week #29 (July 2012)

Trekker4747, you're rather dense aren't you? I was making fun of the thread in a sarcastic manner. I guess the first line of my post "Since you're now starting to have non-actresses for your weekly fapping thread, can we have a bit of variety please?" wasn't a big enough clue for you.

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For a good while there it just seemed like a nice way to appreciate some of the good looking women out there working today in Hollywood and other areas and appreciate their work as well.
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And there we have pictures of two women focusing solely on their large posteriors.
From Maria Sharapova: Babe of the week #4 (Jan. 2012)
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Sigh, the endless parade of skinny blondes continues.

I'm going to have to, on principle, vote side...


I vote up.
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