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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

That's it. I give up. It's official now, I hate the New 52. I was sceptical from the beginning, with the costume changes and all, but I tried. By now, I've read the two Superman titles, "Justice League", "Green Arrow", "Stormwatch" and the first three issues of "Wonder Woman", and aside from Grant Morrison's "Action", it all ranged from mediocre to "Oh god, make it stop!". "Superman" is solid superhero stuff, but nothing special. "Green Arrow" has always been the strongest when it's been down-to-earth social criticism, but except for the Web 2.0 villains in the first story, it all was too far out to actually work. The "Justice League" was all "Fight each other, ask questions later", which is how the Avengers work. I know the Avengers are hip, and I like them a lot myself, but the JL imitating the Avengers makes my guts hurt. "Stormwatch" was alright, but paled in comparison to what the title and "The Authority" were before the New 52, and not even J'onn and Paul Cornell could make that up (actually, J'onn's presence actually hurt, because it always reminded me of the fact he was not in the damned Justice League). And there's a reason I stopped reading WW after just three issues. Zeus' daughter?! Man, that felt like a punch in my face. Seriously, such a move so early after the reboot only serves to make the old fans angry, because the new readers won't even realize what the fuzz is about.

And now, Captain Marvel's not even named Captain Marvel anymore. It wasn't enough to turn Billy Batson into a traumatized, bitter and violent little brat, they also had to screw up the superhero part.

I know, as a humanist and a fan of old school DC heroes, I shouldn't, but I wish someone punched Geoff Johns & co. in the face so they could see how it feels.

And, yes, Morrison's "Action" is great, and I've heard good things about "Aquaman", "The Flash", "Swamp Thing" and "Animal Man", but that doesn't make up for all the horrible decisions made.
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