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General question, are there any symphonic metal bands as good as Nightwish? I've tried various bits of Delain and wasn't a fan, Within Temptation I know a few songs that are good but I want more (Memories and Faster). It really has to be a female vocal doing the lead, I can only stand music that hard with one, it's why I shy away from metal more often than not, but Nightwish are just too amazing to leave alone. Plus they work male vocals well into their tracks and it doesn't leave my ears hurting.

This Kamelot band does sound interesting though...

ON THE OTHER END OF THE SPECTRUM, with Lady Gaga, I don't think anyone who likes pop can deny that Bad Romance is a masterpiece, and I like several of her singles, but at the same time I find her massively overrated beyond that. Born This Way is a patchy album at best and there's only a few songs I listen to from it any more.
The Within Temptation songs you listed are both from the last album, which was somewhat of a departure from their earlier work.

I love everything they've done, Sharon has an amazing range which you can hear on some of their earlier albums (Mother Earth & The Heart Of Everything in particular).

Kamelot is frickin' awesome. Especially the Roy Khan era, and especially the last 4 albums he did (Epica, The Black Halo, Ghost Opera, Poetry For The Poisoned).

Sadly, Roy has left Kamelot. I think their music will still be "Epic", but Roy brought a certain amount of theater to it along with a great voice.
Thomas Youngblood has always written & performed great music, so I'm hopeful.

The one thing that's closest to classic (aka: Tarja era) Nightwish that I've heard is the newest Xandria album.

They have a new singer, Manuela Kraller, who's about as close to Tarja voice-wise as anyone.

The first video from the new Xandria album:
Rimmer, on what period of history to live in-
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The chance to march across Europe with the greatest general of all time and kill Belgians” - (White Hole).
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