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Re: VOY Caption Contest 82; Cavalier Attitudes...

Thanks for the wins!

Seven: This is most irregular.
Janeway: Quiet! Slaves have to be kept in a constant state of fear. Do you remember the plan?
Seven: I am to enter Ensign Kim's quarters from the air vent and attempt to seduce him.
Janeway: (evil laugh) Nothing scares Harry more than a real woman. Now where's the holocamera?

Doctor: You thumb fingered oaf of a pilot! This is not the colonoscopy probe.
Paris: Relax doc, this is the best chance you'll have to get into Seven's pants.

The new Trek series The Young and the Qless was not a popular hit among sci-fi fans. However it did find a surprising cult following among daytime TV viewers.

Tom Paris: Flipping the bird faster than the eye can see since 2370.

Janeway: -yawn- Gentlemen... welcome to the semi-finals for the most annoying cast member on Voyager. You may commence your battle and the winner faces Neelix tommorow... now stay out of my way.
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