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Re: 50 Shades Of Grey phenomenon? Mommy porn outsells Potter and Twili

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That's what I'm wondering. Would studios even bother with a movie trilogy that would have such a narrow fanbase, or would they re-work the stories to make them more accessible to teens?
The studio that bought the movie rights are definitely interested. This series has become huge recently and they need to strike while the craze is still going strong by making the movies.

Taking the graphic sex scenes away from Fifty Shades is like taking the magic away from Potter or taking the Vampires away from Twilight. It can't be done without losing much of the audience.

They can't go with a NC-17 rating since that is something that kills movies, theaters won't even bother to show it.

But they can't wimp out on the sex scenes. PG-13 sex scenes are always so lame.

The R rated is the best middle ground. This movie was never going to make a billion dollars, but with that rating it can still be a hit if the keep the budget low like around 40 million. There have been plenty of R rated moviess that have become hits. The sex scenes won't cost very much to film. This will be difficult to do, but not impossible.
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