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On the bridge I would think her scent is neutral or a tiny bit soap fresh. In her quarters she always lights candles for meditation. Maybe the flowery scent we both imagine comes from those candles?
Commander Mel wrote: View Post
Maybe, Flowery scents, are often really pleasant but never overbearing, a reserved scent. That seems fitting for T'pol. I imagine she has flower scented soap, I'm thinking lavender.
HopefulRomantic wrote: View Post
I once described T'Pol as smelling faintly of candles and chamomile.
gblews wrote: View Post
In one of the first of the Ent novels there is a scene where Archer is injured and is then helped up from the floor by T'Pol. Archer describes her scent in the scene as slightly "lemon lime" -- FWIW.
I find it interesting that we all assume that T'Pol has a pleasant scent about her.
To me that is only logical as T'Pol told Trip that Vulcans do appreciate beauty.

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