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Re: My homebrew kitbashes

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Might try's today's:

The Barton-class missile frigate shares a number of design elements in common with the D'artagnan-class fast frigate, but is slower and less maneuverable. With the addition of a secondary hull and the associated reconfiguration of internal spaces, crews who have served on both classes have said they prefer this ship to her "cousins".

In addition to the internal layout changes, the Mk 13 "roll bar" automated torpedo pod with it's 4 FP-19 "Arrow" torpedo launchers was replaced with 8 FP-21-A "Longbow" launchers integrated into the secondary hull.

In conjunction with the newly developed FTC-91 "Hawkeye" target acquisition and tracking package, the Barton's have a devastating alpha-strike capacity at ranges up to 2.5 million kilometers. The torpedo warheads are of the new M/AMED-4 "Avenger" configuration, which features multiple reactant chambers that result in a larger, more efficient explosive release at detonation.

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