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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Yeah, absolutely no way I'll be buying it either. I'm just enthused that it exists.

I did see the Marvel Legends, and frankly, they pissed me off. Half the figures in the wave are complete reuse. Mystique is especially bad. Black Widow's torso, Madame Hydra's head. That head was horrible in the first place. Why the heck would they reuse it? Doom is a straight up rerelease of the Ronan wave figure. Deadpool is a repaint/rerelease, too, but that one doesn't bother me as much. Absolutely nobody could find those two-packs when the figure came out. Also, what the hell is up with the Mini BAFs? That flies right in the face of the concept.

On the bright side, though, the rest of the figures really look great. I can't wait for Neo-Classic Iron Man, or the chance to finally own that Deadpool.

I really wish Hasbro would cut it out with the running changes being a whole different character. That makes them very hard to find, and perilous to buy online, which with Hasbro's horrible distribution, is usually the only option.
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