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Re: Joss Whedon Remains Undecided About ĎAvengers 2′

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I REALLY hope Whedon returns for the sequel. Nothing sounds better to me than the words "Joss Whedon's Avengers trilogy".

How important do you consider getting Whedon back for the sequel to be? Do you think Whedon was an important reason for how huge Avengers turned out or do you consider him a director for hire?
Terrence Malick could have directed Avengers and gotten a one billion dollar box office. Lars von Trier could have directed Avengers and gotten a one billion dollar box office. Whedon was a hired gun on Avenger; frankly, he needed Avengers more than Avengers needed him.

Stupid studio. Why did they think that they should pick and choose how to hire as a director and screenwriter? Obviously that makes no difference, since every big budget movie with popular characters and a lot of promotion earns a billions dollars at the office. There's never been a comic superhero flop or a just moderate success.

Oh, wait...

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Never was a big Whedon fan until just recently. l liked Avengers, but absolutely LOVED The Cabin ln the Woods. Never really watched much Buffy, Angel, or any other tweeny bullshit for that matter, but l gotta say he really hit the mark with Avengers. Would love for him to do a sequel since he seems to know what hes doing in this field, instead of passing it on to whatever MTV generation hack that Avi Arad indecisively pulls out of his ass.
"Tweeny bullshit?"

Never really watched much
Ah, well that explains it.

A piece of advice: try not to talk about things you haven't watched and have no clue about. You'll just make yourself look like an ignorant fool.
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