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Re: Plagues of Night and Raise the Dawn conclusion of the first TP a

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The TP is a brand / series name (more marketing-related than story-related, at least as conceived originally -- thanks,Christopher ).
Don't thank me for that, because it's a complete misunderstanding of what I actually said. As conceived originally by Marco Palmieri and Keith R.A. DeCandido and introduced in A Singular Destiny, the concept of the Typhon Pact was, hell yes, absolutely, story-related, because the people who created it were people whose job it was to come up with stories. They wanted to create a new astropolitical status quo, to introduce a new antagonist now that all the previous big bads were either gone or turned into Federation allies, and to shine a spotlight on alien races that hadn't been explored much in the past. All of those were story considerations. Then, later on, when Margaret Clark began developing a four-novel miniseries involving the various Trek crews interacting with various member races of the Typhon Pact, that was also a story decision. Now that this new status quo had been introduced, the natural next step was to tell stories exploring how it would play out.

But -- the sales and marketing people at Pocket wanted that miniseries to be branded in a manner similar to Destiny so they could sell it as a similar kind of "event" (even though that's not really what it was story-wise). So the decision was made to label those books with a Typhon Pact banner and without their individual series titles. But that was about what went on the covers, not about what went between the covers. Don't confuse the two. And that marketing decision to turn Typhon Pact into a brand/label was made more than a year (maybe closer to two) after the creation of the Typhon Pact as a story concept in the wake of Destiny.

I'm not in the loop about what came next, so I don't know whether the sales department asked for the subsequent TP books to be more connected or if it was DRGIII and his editor's own choice to use his duology to tie the others together. But I'd be inclined to think it's mostly the latter, because that's a story decision and that makes it the purview of the writers and editors. Either way, though, the Pact absolutely was created primarily for story reasons, and the marketing decisions happened later.
It seems I didn't get my point across in my last post, so just for clarification:

I was responding to DigificWriter's post about RPG settings, etc, and I wanted to superimpose his terminology over my OP meaning.

When I wrote "The TP is a brand / series name", I meant the name of the "series", not the alliance itself - i.e. Star Trek: Typhon Pact, rather than the alliance of Romulans, Breen et al- we were never in disagreement on this matter, as you had explained on many threads your (inside) views on the TP's creation, and I gladly accepted them for what they were...
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