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Re: Plagues of Night and Raise the Dawn conclusion of the first TP a

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That's very similar to what I suggested in my OP.

While the Typhon Pact is part of the current astropolitical setting, the Typhon Pact novels released so far (excluding StF) form the first arc / narrative in this setting / premise.
And I still don't think that's an entirely correct assessment. As I said, the "arc" is a retroactive creation of Plagues/Dawn, which drew in the events of Rough Beasts of Empire, Zero Sum Game, and Paths of Disharmony and tied them together into a larger whole; while A Singular Destiny, Seize the Fire, and The Struggle Within are more independent Typhon Pact tales that weren't tied together with the connective tissue of the duology.

And by the same token, it's too early to say it's the end of that arc, since we don't know yet whether Brinkmanship will be a separate thing or a direct continuation of the same threads, and we don't know whether future works will do a similar kind of retroactive arc creation/consolidation.
I didn't claim that the arc was pre-planned - just that it exists currently as an extended narrative. As for Brinkmanship - I don't see how it can directly continue the threads in Rtd, as IMO, they have reached a conclusion, or current end-point - of course, time (and Una McCormack) will tell..
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