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Re: Exploring a darker theme in a future star trek series

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But everyone can stop worrying about TNG - the TV ecosystem that supported that kind of space opera series is long since defunct. There will never be a Star Trek series like that again.
And if true, that right there is a reason to worry.
Not for me - I don't want to see TNG back again. I want to see how the franchise can be shaped to the grownup cable market.

But even for TNG fans, there's no reason to worry because there's no hope left, so why worry? Well, not until the TV business really fragments from niches to micro-niches, in which serving very specific tastes becomes economically viable.

Then you could have a dozen different approaches to Star Trek simultaneously - TOS flavor, TNG flavor, DS9 flavor, JJ Abrams flavor, gritty-adult-drama flavor, cartoon-for-kids flavor, etc. We're still a ways away from that, but who knows what the future holds?

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Star Trek was meant to a positive look at the future, a darker themed series would IMO miss the point.
Optimistic and dark are not incompatible. Both TOS and DS9 were essentially optimistic in theme, yet dealt with dark issues. "Dark" is probably the wrong word here. "Honest" is a better way of saying it.
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