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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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drama series "Malice," a psychosexual paranormal thriller that redefines the events of the Salem Witch trials.
Does this mean a period TV show set in the 1600s. i doubt it.
even flashbacks set in the 1600s?
It's Braga, can time travel be far behind?

Whatever form Star Trek comes back in, it will be different from what we knew before, because that's how fiction works.
Star Trek could be back on TV in a form that's faithful to how it's always been on TV (maybe a compromise between the varying approaches of all the series). That would be valid as fiction, why not?

The problem is, that approach won't succeed because wherever Star Trek ends up, its first job is to appeal to people who already watch that channel. So if it's Showtime, it needs to win over Showtime viewers, etc. After that, they might think about appealing to Star Trek fans, to the extent that doesn't clash with appealing to Showtime viewers.

The one exception could be Netflix. Being subscription based, Netflix should be able to get by with a smaller audience than other outlets, which depend wholly or partly on ads (much less lucrative), and it might see Star Trek as a way of gaining new subscribers, by being "faithful" to what they want.

Then the problem is: what do they want? It's far easier for Showtime or Netflix to make shows for their own customers, who they know and understand, than for Star Trek fans, who are all over the map about what they want anyway.
I find it very unlikely that Star Trek will become a Showtime series
It's just an example, don't get hung up on it. Could be TNT, FX, even the dreaded SyFy. Showtime is more likely than some possibilities simply because it's part of CBS. But anywhere else, it would follow the same rules: that channel has existing viewers, and any show that channel airs must appeal to existing viewers or it won't get the greenlight in the first place.

has been family viewing in the sense that young children can did watch it.
When I talked about the TV ecosystem undergoing big changes, that's one of them. TV has fragmented into niche markets and that phenomenon has dismantled the notion of family friendly TV that various generations will watch. Now, kids have their shows and their parents have other shows.

Terra Nova
was a recent attempt at family friendly programming. The adult audience bailed on it, probably because they were bored (I know I was.) Maybe it appealed to kids, but FOX only counts 18-49 as viewers, so kids under 18 did them no good. The Cartoon Network or ABC Family would be happy to get those kids as viewers, but wouldn't care about anyone over 18. I can't think of any broadcast or cable channels that target both adults and kids.
For similar reasons I'm fairly leery of the proposed Star Wars series which has invoked Deadwood as a comparison because when I think of Star Wars I think of two men conducting business transactions by saying 'cocksucker' every few minutes.
I'm leery of that because I don't trust George Lucas! Also, it makes no sense for them to be making those comparisons unless the show is going to be on HBO or maybe FX. On broadcast, that approach would never fly with the FCC. Also, that notion is very far from playing to Star Wars' strength, and seems like a pointless exercise. But the distance between DS9 and Game of Thrones doesn't seem like an unbridgeable chasm. There's some point at which they could meet midway.

All it takes to put a Ster Trek show back on the air is a well sold concept
Is that "all" it takes? Yeah, convincing Les Moonves to give a flying frak about Star Trek sounds like a real cakewalk.

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