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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

This week's Green Hornet chapters didn't handle the cliffhangers well at all. The resolution of last week's cliffhanger was what you'd expect -- they showed the part we didn't see before with the GH parachuting out of the crashing plane -- but in the subsequent two, the GH (with Kato in the second case) really was caught in the crash/explosion -- and just somehow happened to survive anyway, without explanation. That's weak.

But we did get confirmation that the car is called the Black Beauty here, although only in the opening text crawl. And we finally got to see an instance of the Hornet actually pretending to be a racketeer instead of just stumbling into the reputation, although only briefly.

I'm going to put the next bit in a spoiler box pro forma, even though I think it's obvious. It's about the identity of the mysterious "Chief" giving orders to the racketeers over the intercom:
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