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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Didn't Stargate have brief nudity in the pilot or something?
There was a fairly substantial full-frontal nude scene in the pilot (with hints of alien-tentacle-rape fetish), plus another scene or two of a female character in a translucent top. The nudity was imposed over showrunner Brad Wright's objections, and he avoided including any more of it in the series -- and cut it out of the re-edited DVD version of the pilot a few years ago.

Added to this I find it very unlikely that Star Trek will become a Showtime series - Star Trek's been a network powerhouse in the past, and more to the point has been family viewing in the sense that young children can did watch it. (Be honest: How old were you when you first saw Star Trek? Etc.)
Well, I don't know about that. The original ST was meant to be an adult drama, the first non-anthology SFTV series that wasn't aimed at children. It constantly pushed the envelope in portraying skin and sexual content; it looks tame and kid-friendly to modern viewers, but it was almost as daring for its day as NYPD Blue was for the '90s.

Still, for the most part, later ST has been somewhat more family-friendly -- not always suitable for small children (particularly not DS9 with its adult holosuites and lesbian makeouts and rough Klingon sex and so on), but far from an adults-only show. And I think established fans sometimes forget that it's valuable to make a franchise accessible to a new generation of fans rather than just catering to the existing one.

But maybe there's room for more than one approach. Star Trek hasn't been just one thing for a long time. It's a whole big universe that can be a backdrop for many series. Look at how the all-ages Doctor Who has spun off both the decidedly adult Torchwood and the kid-oriented Sarah Jane Adventures. We've heard hints that Kurtzman & Orci may be considering developing a new Star Trek animated series, which would definitely have youth appeal; maybe that could be complemented by a more adult incarnation of ST on Showtime or the like.
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