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Re: The Legend of Korra - Book Two: Spirits

^It could just be that Bumi, son of Aang was influenced by all the tales he heard about his namesake, and thus adopted a similar personality and hair/beard style. Aside from the hair, I don't think he bears that much resemblance to King Bumi. In the actual show (as opposed to the character sheet that's available online), he doesn't have the Popeye-like squinty eye that King Bumi had, and he does seem to have a square jaw similar to Tenzin's.

Turns out my DVR and the cable schedule now do show the "Making of a Legend" series continuing next week. I guess for some reason NickToons didn't provide accurate schedule information until today, which is weird, since they've been promoting this for weeks so surely must've had it locked into their schedule for a while.
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