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Re: Joss Whedon Remains Undecided About ĎAvengers 2′

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Who do you think directed the action? Who gave the characters their voice?
Whedon was the largest part of what made the film work and this thread is the first time I've seen anyone give opinion to the contrary.
I like Whedon, I've followed his work and enjoyed it, but it's a bit overeaching to say he was 100% responsible for Avengers.

Whedon wasn't involved in the other movies, the dialogue in Avengers for Downey was comparable and not really better or deeper than it was for IM and IM2. Thor was handled much much better by Branagh than by Whedon, hands down. Ruffalo should certainly get credit for his own abilities, Whedon is great at letting a good actor act. Jackson played the same character in each movie, the same way, same style, same characterization; it wasn't Whedon who made Nick Fury fun to watch, it was Jackson.

It would have been easy to muck up Avengers and Whedon should get full credit for synthesizing work done by other writers and directors. With the exception of Thor, none of the characters really lost anything from their own films, and Whedon kept them all consistant. At the same time, I wouldn't say he added much that wasn't already present in the series of movies we had to date.

Whedon did a good job. I certainly think Favreau could have done as well. I think Johnston had a better feel for Cap and Branagh brought out more dimensions to Thor's character and personality.

What else is Whedon doing now? Cabin in the Woods II? Avengers was arguably the greatest commercial success Whedon has ever had. I'm not knocking Firefly fans, or people who liked Cabin in the Woods, I enjoyed them too, but Avengers is what is opening doors for him now.
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