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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

RJDiogenes wrote: View Post
I'm not sure what Showtime usually goes in for; the last time I watched Showtime, Stargate was on there.
Didn't Stargate have brief nudity in the pilot or something?
But yeah, Showtime currently follows the HBO-style model of programs with morally ambiguous characters with varying degrees of swearing sex and violence. Examples include Dexter (protagonist is a serial killer), Homeland (bi-polar, paranoid CIA operative), and The Borgias (notoriously corrupt pope).

Temis the Vorta wrote: View Post
Any Star Trek series on Showtime would make Abrams' "nonsense" look positively canonical by comparison. Think about what Showtime usually goes in for.
Firstly, obviously, I don't think we'll see any Star Trek TV series (if we do) until after Abrams is done with the franchise Added to this I find it very unlikely that Star Trek will become a Showtime series - Star Trek's been a network powerhouse in the past, and more to the point has been family viewing in the sense that young children can did watch it. (Be honest: How old were you when you first saw Star Trek? Etc.)

Wanting Star Trek to suddenly act like it's The Wire meets Mad Men by way of Breaking Bad only there's Vulcans and Klingons is not quite the same as it actually becoming that kind of franchise. For similar reasons I'm fairly leery of the proposed Star Wars series which has invoked Deadwood as a comparison because when I think of Star Wars I think of two men conducting business transactions by saying 'cocksucker' every few minutes.

And really, space opera done in the manner of modern cable drama is nuBSG's thing.

There is obviously a benefit to cable though in that higher budget series can survive with much smaller audiences. This would allow Star Trek, which has bordered on niche, near-cancellation TV in the past, to hypothetically survive there... probably with a setup not that different to what Syfy's done int he past, honestly.
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