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Re: TP: Zero Sum Game by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Divergeance point schmischmervence point. You of all people know similar events tend to take place in alternate timelines, even those that diverged long long ago.
But that's not what you said. Your statement before implied that you thought STO only "diverged" as of Destiny, and that's categorically untrue. There are many differences in things coming from well before Destiny.

Besides, my calling it a handwave implied suspending one's disbelief at the flaws in TNoTM's alternate reality idea.
That's not the way it came across. It sounded like you were claiming the alternate-reality idea was The Truth about STO, and I didn't want people reading your post to be misled into thinking that it was.

Is it stated anywhere in concrete that the Typhon Pact was only concieved after the Borg invasion?
From A Singular Destiny, p. 357, in the words of Ambassador Tezrene:
"The Typhon Pact exists because of you, President Bacco. When you gathered us here to convince us to join your fool's errand at the Azure Nebula, you said that we would be stronger if we stood together rather than apart. Our governments realized that this was true. But none of us had any desire to subsume ourselves to your Federation, or to the Klingons. ... Therefore, we formed our own government."
On the other hand, Rough Beasts of Empire clarifies in Ch. 8 that some of the Pact's members -- it doesn't specify which -- had begun discussing an alliance over a year before. So I suppose it's possible that that could be what you're talking about. Still, any "divergence" with STO would've been far earlier than that.
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