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Re: Joss Whedon Remains Undecided About ĎAvengers 2′

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I REALLY hope Whedon returns for the sequel. Nothing sounds better to me than the words "Joss Whedon's Avengers trilogy".

How important do you consider getting Whedon back for the sequel to be? Do you think Whedon was an important reason for how huge Avengers turned out or do you consider him a director for hire?
Terrence Malick could have directed Avengers and gotten a one billion dollar box office. Lars von Trier could have directed Avengers and gotten a one billion dollar box office. Whedon was a hired gun on Avenger; frankly, he needed Avengers more than Avengers needed him.

The idea of a singular Avengers trilogy is somewhat laughable. It's likely that Iron Man 3 will be Downey's last time suiting up as the Armored Avenger. Even if Downey has a good time making Iron Man 3 and wouldn't be opposed to doing more, Marvel isn't going to want another payout like Downey got for Avengers, and they're certainly not going to want an entire cast getting back-end deals for Downey-like money on a third Avengers film. Kevin Feige has already said that Downey will be replaced; it will happen sooner rather than later.
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