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Re: Joss Whedon Announces Firefly Reboot?

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Okay I found this...didn't see any mention of a "planned movie" or "reboot" in this coverage.
Firefly had a lower budget than Angel? Crazy.
Buffy and Angel probably did more location shooting than Firefly. After all, on a weekly basis they have some outdoors fighting vampires. Not to mention monsters/demons of the week can jack the budget up for an episode.

Firefly was mostly restricted to studio filming. While there was location shoots, I think they probably had less in their 15 episodes than any given 15 episode block of Buffy or Angel. Plus, there were no monsters/demons of the week on Firefly. You had space exteriors in CGI to do, but that is comparitvely cheaper.

For similar reasons, BSG was a much cheaper show than Caprica.
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