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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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If it was real Trek and not the Abrams nonsense, I'd subscribe.
Any Star Trek series on Showtime would make Abrams' "nonsense" look positively canonical by comparison. Think about what Showtime usually goes in for. Not a real good match for Star Trek, so they'd have to change it to fit, just as Abrams changed Star Trek to make it more modern-summer-popcorn-movie-friendly (which is why people complain about it being Star Wars-y - that just means it's calibrated to appeal to the global moviegoing public.)

Star Trek
is going to be changed to fit whatever venue it ends up on - TV, movies, streaming. The TV ecosystem that created the series to date has vanished, and like any species that wants to survive, Star Trek must adapt or die. Of all the possibilities, Netflix strikes me as the one least prone to making big changes, so if you don't like the idea of change, that's the one to root for.
I'm not sure what Showtime usually goes in for; the last time I watched Showtime, Stargate was on there. Certainly nudity would not be inconsistent with Trek; Trek was originally very sexy, before Trekkies got all conservative. What we need is a Trek that is colorful, sexy and consistent with everything that has gone before, and also pushes the boundaries in the way that the original Trek did-- meaning that it would challenge both traditional and contemporary assumptions, not that it would be faux "edgy" in the grindhouse way that the current audience keeps asking for (in fact, it would be cool if they did a story blasting the superficiality of the D&G trend, a la "Bread And Circuses").
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