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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

21) Moonrise Kingdom - (2012) - A
22) Fantastic Mr. Fox - (2009) - B+

After watching Moonrise Kingdom, I kind of wanted to see another Wes Anderson movie, and in searching for a movie to see on Itunes tonight, I looked up Fantastic Mr. Fox to see if it was available to rent. I've heard many good things about it, and figured I'd continue visiting Anderson's films to see if I liked this one as much as Moonrise Kingdom. (I also saw that he did Life Aquatic and I didn't like that movie very much, and right now, I still consider it the weakest in his catalog).

Anyway, Fantastic Mr. Fox wasn't as good as Moonrise Kingdom, but I still enjoyed it. It has the quirkiness of Anderson (Not to mention the soundtrack, which I noticed with MK and now with Fox, has a certain Anderson Charm to them) but I thought the charm was missing somewhat. Still, I really liked the cast (George Clooney actually having to act and, who knew, Meryl Streep wasn't playing Thatcher/Juila Childs here) and the story was fun, not to mention short and sweet. However, people called this movie funny and while there were some humorous bits, I didn't laugh that much. It was mainly the cast, that quirkiness, the music, and the scenery that made this movie.

In this revisit, I think sometime this year I might finally check out Royal Tenenbaums. I remember watching the trailer thinking that it was going to be a stupid movie, but I think I remember hearing the reception was positive.

Theater: 8
BluRay: 6
On Demand/TV: 2
Itunes: 6 (+1)
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